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  • SALE i-Mop Changing The Way You Think About Cleaning

    i-Mop Changing The Way You Think About Cleaning

    part#: i-Mop

    Effort . . . With minimum effort the i-Mop®

    seems to float over the floor. The two counter-rotating brushes ensure a comfortable drive speed, and you can easily steer through curves and/or U-turns with a flip of your wrist. The i-Mop™ actually glides over the floor more easily than a 40 cm flat floor mop. A pleasant outcome: Employees will flock to join your organization.

    Save Time & Money . . .

    The i-Mop gives your staff more flexibility so that they can leave the floor mop at home. Under practical conditions we cleaned an area 3-4 times larger compared with two-stage wet wiping using a flat floor mop. The i-Mop's model performances is 1,650 m2/h, but 1000-1200 m2/h is realistic in practical conditions. The goods news is: the floor is not only cleaner, but also dry immediately.

    Top Benefits
    • Crossing the flatmop with a scrubber dryer
    • Machine cleaning without limits
    • Hovercraft gliding experience
    • New dimensions in cleaning productivity
    • Integrated trolley system optional
    • Substitution of the mop in 50%+X cases

    Download the i-mop Literature
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