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CPI Microfiber Products

  • SALE eCART 4 Microfiber Cart System

    eCART 4 Microfiber Cart System

    part#: eCART4

    eCART with top cover. Includes push handle with vacuum holder, cup holder, duster holder and trash bag with side pockets and double rear zipper. 5 ball bearing swivel and axle caster wheels (2 fixed and 2 swivel standard). Bags, shelves, and buckets sold separately. Industry Leading 10 Year CPI Cart Warranty. We take the old janitor cart cleaning system to a new level by revolutionizing microfiber cart systems, a bold strong move in modular / compact (janitor) carts.

    eCART System Benefits Include:
    • Solid rotational molding makes the eCART one of the strongest carts on the market.
    • U-Channel construction provides exceptional strength.
    • Thicker outer corners, double wall construction and uniform wall thickness help strengthen the eCART.
    • Modular design allows the user to customize eCART for specific needs.
    • Accessories make everything accessible, like our watertight PTBUCKETs to organize supplies.
    • Unsurpassed 10 year warranty.

    *eCART base model pictured above. Base model includes cart body and handle with no exterior shelves or accessories.
    Buckets sold separately.

    * Price is for 1 eCART4.

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