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  • SALE Compact PreTreat Cart System - eMINI XXL

    Compact PreTreat Cart System - eMINI XXL

    part#: eMINIXXL

    The innovative eMINI XXL commercial / industrial mop bucket kit includes a double metal dolly with 2 - 6 gallon buckets and sealing lids (lime green and gray), 2 - 3.5 gallon buckets and sealing lids (lime green and gray), caster wheels (2), bag (1), 5 position handle holder, wet floor sign holder.

    Black w/ lime green rubber coated push handle. 

    Not all mop buckets are created alike. CPI has taken an old technology mop bucket and made it better.
    * Price is for 1 dolly.

    The eMini series of carts are light weight and portable carts used for carrying and transporting pre-treated microfiber cloths, pads and mops. They can be versatile enough to sit on the end of most janitor carts or used as carts them selves to house whole cleaning systems. The are easily constructed and have speace to hold RTU's and wet floor signs and various cleaning apparatus. They can also be fitted with a Laundry/garbage bag on the back.

    See the eMINI™ in action!


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