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Dan Carr, CPI Vice President Market Development

Dan Carr, VP of Business Development

Dan began his career at the Butcher Polish Company in 1981. He resided in Chicago and worked as a field rep until 1985.  Dan then worked at Betco as their first company rep. He worked his way up to VP of Sales and moved to Toledo.

Dan went from salesman number one to 65 sales reps at Betco. He left Betco in 2007 and started a national rep selling primarily CPI and ice melt to his old friends in the industry. He purchased a small Jan San distributor in 2011 and named it Silverback Supply.

Dan developed the Top Ten Rules to Live and Sell By presentation and has delivered it to over fifty businesses around the country, including many CPI key customers. Dan has focused on selling key, strategic CPI accounts, such as Triple S where sales has grown each year.

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