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Nick Hesselsweet, Vice President of Sales - West

nick hasselsweet, VP of Sales

My sales career began with a 12 county territory in NE Indiana. I more than doubled my sales goal the first year.  Besides doubling my goal I sold over twice as many different products than the average for the entire company. They offered me an opportunity to work with other sales people. Once my effectiveness at training others was proven I was promoted to Field Supervisor. I remained training other sales people for 6 months and was promoted to Regional Manager over Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. The sales people I managed experienced a greater sales increase than any of the other Regional Managers so I was promoted after 18 months to Division Manager over the 11 western states and Hawaii based in Reno, Nevada. My success which included a 44% closing average calling on new accounts while training new hires and selling an average of 110 different products each month when company average was 30.  I was promoted to National Sales and Marketing position within 16 months as Division Manager. I held that position for 5 ½ years and was elevated to Acting CEO. The company was sold 1 year later and I resigned as I disagreed with policies the new owners.

I then founded a company, Pace Ltd., which manufactured cleaning products for the jansan industry and production chemicals for the oil field. Pace produced powdered and liquid chemicals. I sold the Pace after owning it for 6 years to a manufacturer in Houston who produced only aerosols for the same industries.

My career tuned at that point to founding a manufacturer’s representative agency which I titled FNH Associates, FNH being my initials, representing various manufacturers product lines which were directed to the jansan industry in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The agency earned many awards for exceeding expectations from Andersen, Norton, Wilen, Nilodor, Betco, NuSource CPI and Hawk Enterprises. FNH represented CPI, during the last 4 years I owned the business. My agency was the top producer for CPI. I enjoyed selling this line over all others we represented.  The facilities purchasing CPI products from our distributors couldn’t get over how much CPI saved them in labor and chemicals while cleaning more effectively. I turned the agency over to my employees and continued selling only CPI. 

Dave Maurer, CEO and founder of CPI, has been a personal friend for 20 years. He asked me to give up my territory  and become VP of Sales guiding the independent reps to get more business. I have been doing that since September 2013.

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