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No More Hand Sanitizers Stains!

No More Hand Sanitizers Stains!
The i-Mop™ Continues To Surprise Customers . . .
The alcohol content found in hand sanitizers can leave very noticable spots on floors from any drips or spills.

We all know once the hand sanitizer dries, traditional string mops won't typically remove the stubborn stain. Our Customers are discovering ways to save time, money and clean at a higher level! Another great (and quick) cleaning dilemma solved by The i-Mop™.

Pop on the green scrub pads, apply a neutral cleaner, and in a few passes the stain are G O N E!

THANKS i-Mop™!

Do you know about the many accessories the i-Mop™has available? Or the ultimate accessory, the i-Cart™.

Let us know if you would like to know more about the i-Mop™ and it's many versitile uses. We'd be happy to schedule a demonstration. Click the button below and fill out form to have an area Sale Representative visit your facility and show your team the newest innovation in cleaning equiptment Creative Products International has to offer.

Click Here To Schedule Your i-Mop™ Demo TODAY!



Doug Leaman
VP of Sales
Creative Products International


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