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Fight The Flu With 4D Cleaning™ Systems

Fight The Flu With 4D Cleaning™ Systems

This years flu season has seen consecutive weeks of elevated outbreaks across the U.S. It most resembles the 2014 / 2015 season which was considered highly severe. The countries efforts to slow down the now labeled "epidemic" have been met with slow results and we are struggling to find ways to drop the alarming rate of infections.

CPI has always been on the front lines of this battle. Our 4D Cleaning™ Systems have been helping combat infectious disease in the U.S. and around the world for over a decade. You too can join the fight by learning how to clean in 4D. Sign up for a DEMO today!

How is CPI’s way of cleaning different from the way I clean now?

CPI microfiber cleaning tools boast the following;

  • CPI products are microfiber not cotton. Microfiber releases dust, dirt AND GERMS — in the rinsing (and laundry) process. Cotton absorbs dust, dirt and germs
  • CPI Microfiber improves indoor air quality and reduces dusting
  • CPI's Cleaning Systems decrease the risk of work related injuries 
  • Microfiber is environmentally friendly. Average savings on consumption of water and cleaning chemicals is 50%
  • Microfiber is proven to reduce cleaning times and conserve worker energy
  • CPI Cleaning Systems and tools reduce the risk of cross-contamination
Why should I use CPI Microfiber?

Because CPI Microfiber goes beyond the standard splitting process. CPI Microfiber is split 3 times using TRIO-Split™ Technology. Take a look at some of the videos below. These are just a select few of our CPI microfiber tools that are revolutionizing the way people clean and helping in the fight of the flu year after year.

The eDouble™ Two-Sded Microfiber Cloth

Unlike any microfiber cloth on the market today.

The eWall™ Microfiber Pocket Trowel

Safely get to those hard-to-reach places.

The eTrowel™ Microfiber Pocket Trowel with Blacklight

Patented, efficient cleaning technology.

Christian Jennings Barnes
Director of Training
Creative Products International
Cell: (773) 354-3797
Office: (312) 291 9473

Data gathered in this post was taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.


This is great. Filling out the form to get a demo at our campus.
30-Jan-2018 08:38 AM

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