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Our newest addition to the CPI 4D Cleaning System™ line of products.
This exclusive and patent pending technology hand tool makes cleaning faster and safer. This multi-function trowel will soon become a “go-to” option to check for cleanliness.
Just look at all the benefits we’ve packed into one product:
  • A black light for detecting germs will give the user the power to check their own work on the spot. High powered bulb allows the worker to use during daylight with lights on.
  • An LED white light version for cleaning in dark places like a dark janitor’s closet.
  • The rechargeable battery provides exceptional power – 10 hour run time (black light) & 30 hour run time (LED white light). Recharges in 4 hours.
  • Color code your Trowel™ with removable grips.
  • Pocket system allows changing the microfiber pads without touching the soiled pad.

eWAVE™pads – Low to heavy soil levels using TRIO SPLIT Technology™ with CPI’s mesh backing. Eliminate trigger sprayers with Pre-treating.
GLASS pads – 100% microfiber glass cleaning cloth with foam backing to absorb extra solution. Quick, easy and non-streaking.
SCRUB pads – Low to medium soil with short loop microfiber scrubber is great for tough, dried on debris.
SNOW pads – For low soil levels, 100% short nap Microfiber. Great for desks & painted surfaces.

  • Built in scraper for loosening those tough spots such as gum, glue, food, etc.
  • Flexible base allows for cleaning curved surfaces.
  • Durable construction made of high quality engineered plastics.
  • Change the handle for a 360 degree swivel plate to convert to a wall and baseboard cleaner.


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