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More Schools are Making the Switch

More Schools are Making the Switch

“Old School” Cleaning Examined
In a typical K-12 school, this is how it happens: The custodian is hired. They are given a set of keys and shown the custodial closet. They are then taken into a classroom and restroom and told what to clean. This training could last a couple of hours, or if they are fortunate enough, an entire eight hour shift. Then the new custodian is sent out on their own to combine their recent training with their preexisting experience.

In addition to the dated training, a typical custodial cart in the school hallway is big, bulky and stocked with a month's worth of cleaning chemicals, tools and supplies that are not used for that days tasks.

“New School” Cleaning Benefits
After implementing a standardized cleaning system — What CPI calls The 4D Cleaning System— a school district can expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Standardizing the system for efficiency and reducing the expense in chemical, water and staffing makes a big impact on the districts budget, not to mention reducing employee injuries and worker’s compensation claims. In addition, sanitizing all high-touch surfaces every night - including student desktops, door handles and light switches - as part of a daily cleaning routine, a school’s attendance record can be improved.

Once the staff experiences the CPI products first hand and is shown The CPI 4D Cleaning Systems, the days of traditional cleaning will now be "Old School".

If this sounds like an opportunity you'd be interested in bringing to your facility contact us to schedule a demo. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your current cleaning process and recommend how CPI can work with your staff to save time, money and create a safer environment for your employees and the facilities occupants.

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