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  • SALE eWALL™ Microfiber Pocket Trowel with 360° Swivel

    eWALL™ Microfiber Pocket Trowel with 360° Swivel

    part#: eWALL

    360° Pocket microfiber trowel pad system includes; a color coded, removable hand grip and built in scraper. The 360° swivel mount attaches to the CPI telescopic handles.

    Just Look At These Benefits:
    • An LED white light version for cleaning in dark places like a dark janitor's closet.
    • The rechargeable battery provides exceptional power 10 hour run time (black light) and 30 hour run time (LED white light). Recharges in 4 hours.
    • Color coding your Trowel with removable grips.
    • Pocket system allows changing the microfiber pads without touching the soiled pad.
    • eWAVE™ pads Low to heavy soil levels using TRIO SPLIT Technology with CPI's mesh backing. Eliminate trigger sprayers with Pre-treating.
    • eGLASS™ pads 100% microfiber glass cleaning cloth with foam backing to absorb extra solution. Quick, easy and non-streaking.
    • eSCRUB™ pads Low to medium soil with short loop microfiber scrubber is great for tough, dried on debris.
    • eSNOW™ pads. For low soil levels, 100% short nap Microfiber. Great for desks and painted surfaces.
    • Built in scraper for loosening those tough spots such as gum, glue, food, etc.
    • Flexible base allows for cleaning curved surfaces.
    • Durable construction made of high quality engineered plastics.
    • Change the handle for a 360 degree swivel plate to convert to a wall and baseboard cleaner. - Part# eWALL

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