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  • SALE TRIO Split Microfiber Flat Mop - The eWAVE™

    TRIO Split Microfiber Flat Mop - The eWAVE™

    part#s: eWAVE18PB, eWAVE18PR, eWAVE18PG, eWAVE18PY

    This premium pocket mop features a mesh backing to increase saturation times and decrease laundry drying times, has a solid double stitched construction, comes in 4 solid colors and features the CPI TRIO Split microfiber technology. It's designed for pre-treating and to be used in the CPI 4D Cleaning™ System includes a manufacturers guarantee of 1,000 processes (laundry cycles).
    Price listed is case pack.
    • Packaged: 12/poly bag & 4 packs/case (48 total qty/case)
    • The CPI eWAVEis a US Patented Product. 

    The eWAVE mop is our 18" looped wet mop. It implores TRIO Split microfiber technology allowing it to pick up more dirt, dust and debris as well as hold more solution than any other microfiber mop of its size, in the world. It has a pocket back to ensure it stays sturdy on the frame which also allows it to be a non touch system. The backing is mesh allowing for a more even and quick distribution of solution when treated. It can be laundered 750 times and is double stitched throughout. It also implores a bonded yarn throughout to prevent ballooning in the laundering process.

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    The eWAVE's™ unique features...

    Download the eSeries Literature
    Download the PreTreat Process Literature
    Download the eWAVE Spec Sheet

    I can't believe how durable this mop is! 3 years of washing and still going strong. Highly recommend.
    Bill Nelson
    23-Jan-2018 02:47 PM

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