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  • SALE SCRUBPOCKET Microfiber Scrubber Mop

    SCRUBPOCKET Microfiber Scrubber Mop


    CPI Part Number: SCRUBPOCKET

    SCRUBPOCKET microfiber mop is made for low to medium soil on steps, rubber floors and grimy surfaces.

    Microfiber scrubber mop with short loop microfiber and poly microfiber square block scrubber pads and pocket backing.

    Featuring color coding selector tabs in blue, green, yellow and red. Size: 18".

    Packaged: 12/poly bag and 4 packs/case (48 total qty/case).

    CPI products and microfiber mops are engineered to work together - In A System - to clean more effectively. This results in making the task of cleaning easier for the end user, saving both time and money.

    * Prices reflect case pricing. 48 mops per case.

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