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  • SALE WAVEHOOK18 Looped Microfiber Mop

    WAVEHOOK18 Looped Microfiber Mop


    CPI Part Number: WAVEHOOK

    Premium 18 looped microfiber mop with CPI WAVE microfiber and hook and loop backing.

    Used for low to heavy soil levels and all applications.

    Size: 6 x 18.

    Features TRIO SPLIT Technology. Packaging: 12/polybag - 48/case.

    Our microfiber mops us less water, fewer chemicals for better cleaning and lasting results.

    CPI accessories and microfiber mops are designed with you in mind: products designed to work together in a system to clean more effectively.

    * Prices reflect case pricing. 48 mops per case. 

    Download Literature here: Pocket Mops

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